Tips for packing your goods

This is some information you need to remember about removals: First, professional handling services starts with packing. If you want to reach optimal weight of packages, put light things to big boxes and heavy things to small boxes. Sort the items by content (by room, by necessity, by person) it will ease unpacking process and safes you lots of time. For glass, mirror and other fragile items you must use bubble wrap and it would be much more safely if you fill the gaps between fragile items with paper or other packing material to prevent movement. Mark these boxes with clearly visible notes (for example: CAUTION, HANDLE WITH CARE, FRAGILE). Use strong wide sticky tape to strengthen your packages. Be careful, never put metal and glass things in one box! Even if you are very happy of moving to other place and ready to decor it, do not buy new large items before moving and if you have some good, but unnecessary things, such as clothes, books, furniture – give them to charity, children’s homes, orphans, they will find it useful. Sometimes items are too heavy or too large for one person, so you have to be sure that there will be enough manpower for carrying things to your new place. Easiest way is to use our packing and handling service professionals to do all the work for you, because then all you need to do is start enjoying your new place!