Tips for saving your time

Going to move, but already afraid that this process will last forever? Calm down. Here are some suggestions, how you could save your time: First, book removal services in advance, especially during the warm season, because it is the busiest time for the removal companies and your preferred time could be already filled. Second, rent or buy packing materials at least two days before your packing. If you do that at the same time as packing, it will take you much longer – as a rule, something is always missing (for example, scissors, sticky tape, foam and etc.) Third, start packing unnecessary things in your free time some days before the final removal. It could be from 15 minutes to one hour a day and you will be so surprised that boxes will be already standing somewhere in the corner waiting to be moved! Well, then you are planning the whole packing time, take some extra hours, because it is possible that you will find some old things you even do not remember, it will bring you back memories and it is always hard to decide – leave it or take it with you. Forth, think about parking – let your neighbors know that you need some free space close to your place. As well, try to choose non traffic time for traveling. Now it is time to create your new place!